De Pasquale Investigation, it’s born like an instrument at the service of the lot of controversies that oppose, usually, private to private; or public to private; or vice versa. It affirms well soon in regional, national and international circle like instrument well able to give efficient answer to the question of the users.
During the years, new spaces opened in consequence of the gone into effect of the new norms that regulates the penal trial. In a territory that sees the Proxies of the Republic hocked in a severe job, in a continuous action of contrast to the organized delinquency, the presence of an institute of investigations qualified, that De Pasquale Investigations is, it reveals soon like an useful integration, within the limits reserved to the private investigator by the law to the finished work with exemplary assiduousness from magistracy and order forces.
The institute is hocked, during the last years, in hundreds of trials penalties. Always meticulously concerning itself to the norms of the code of penal procedure and with a code of conduct that regulate the delicate subject.

Insurance Sector, reimbursement damns, guardianship of the connected goods to goods or people.
For a long time De Pasquale Investigations it devotes a special attention to this not secondary compartment of the detective activity: to the service of the people and, more often, of the institutes of insurance.
DPI doesn’t limit him to record the facts: analyze them, it deepens them, giving a accomplished sense to own job (that it isn’t of mere harvest of news often reported by the parts: and therefore not always reliable).
De Pasquale Investigations it is busy in the sectors: RC - Auto, accidents (in general sense), naval accidents; dynamite attacks; fires; thefts and frauds. An ample ghost, of interventions, that it asks scruple and professionalism: and also the most total respect of the represented parts.
In the field of interventions so diversified, but all referable ones to the best guardianship of the rights of the person and the patrimony, the job of detective consultation is inserted, revolt to the safety of the person, and as it is said, of the patrimony.
In as much as equipped to give effective answer to the question of the user, the De Pasquale Investigation is able to offer a wide consultation to technical studies and legal studies, availing itself by time in time of the work of own experts (experts called to give a convincing answer to the various questions). All in the field of controversies, now penalties, now civil.
There is no sector that finds De Pasquale Investigations unprepared, or incapable to do. So in the case of disappearance of a person or other unpredictable events that set safety problems and of personal safety.

The Staff.
Selected in the order forces, exemplary for reservation and nattiness in the investigation.
It deals of graduated personnel that coming from experiences of assimilable job to that, that it is really of an institute of investigations. The computer system broadly used in breast to the institute, implicates fulfilments in real time and the immediate access to the sources: in the respect, it is understood, of the norms that concern to the privacy.

Utilized Products
The agency is partnet for the following services of siedrc
  • Systems of Video-surveillance TVCC (traditional) and IP.
  • Systems of Anti-intrusion and Survey fires.
  • Systems of Management Accesses and Survey presences.
  • Systems of Environmental Control.
  • Systems of Passive Protection.
  • Domestic Systems for the house.