The Investigation Institute, Oscar De Pasquale offers highly professional investigative services specifically designed for both private individuals and companies.

The surveys were conducted in a private and confidential, thus ensuring the privacy of our customers.

De Pasquale Investigation is the Authorised Civil and Criminal investigations, and provides a clear and detailed documentation with legally valid evidence in court.

De Pasquale Investigations, it’s born like an instrument at the service of the lot of controversies that oppose, usually, private to private; or public to private; or vice versa. It affirms well soon in regional, national and international circle like instrument well able to give efficient answer to the question of the users.
During the years, new spaces opened in consequence of the gone into effect of the new norms that regulates the penal trial. In a territory that sees the Proxies of the Republic hocked in a severe job, in a continuous action of contrast to the organized delinquency, the presence of an institute of investigations qualified, that De Pasquale Investigations is, it reveals soon like an useful integration, within the limits reserved to the private investigator by the law to the finished work with exemplary assiduousness from magistracy and order forces.
The institute is hocked, during the last years, in hundreds of trials penalties. Always meticulously concerning itself to the norms of the code of penal procedure and with a code of conduct that regulate the delicate subject.

De Pasquale Investigations has worked, by proxy, of considerable importance in processes such as Olympia (1-2-3-4-5), and other Valanidi maxi-trial offering to share a partnership that has received public recognition.
The Institute was present, which support the activity of the parties in important processes related to acts of narcotics, assault, crimes against property, prevention measures, differences between people, but, more frequently, for acts of mob (416 bis).
A very prominent role De Pasquale Investigations had in relation to international intrigue, which led the institution to carry out investigations of great importance in foreign countries, such as the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, the United States of America and South America.