Titles: Baron of the Bridge, nobles, Treatment of Don & Donna
Residance: Lipari, Reggio Calabria

Family of Spanish noble origin, that the Mugnos wants, already in the ’600, ancient. Pàssaa twice in Sicily between the XIV and the XV, in Messina with EUSTASIO de Paschali, ambassador of the king of Sicily Ludovico in Aragon for pope Clemente Vi in the year 1351; in Palermo with a messer Giacomo di Pasquali, valenzano gentleman, knight in the regiment of king Alfonso, that "for military services had granted onze 12 of income on the general excises" in the 1415; from which Guglielmo, that had the Castellania of the Dovecot in Trapani in the 1425.
Enjoyed nobility and senatorial rank in Messina, with ORLANDO and GIROLAMO, judges straticoziali in the years 1517-18, 1523-24 and 1528-29; with TOMMASO, senator in the years 1535-38; with GIOVANNI, patrician from Messina, protonotario and regal adviser of the Private Suggestion of the Kingdom; from which GIULIO CESARE, patrician from Messina, poet and famous literate, that it transplanted a branch of the family in Geneva to follow the Calvinist faith and the of him sons GIOVAN GIACOMO, MARCANTONIO e ALESSANDRO, captains that served the Dominion in Geneva in the struggles against the Dukes of Savoia; NICOLETTA or COLETTA, noble from Messina, poetess of the XVI century, remembered by the Mongitore. Family counted to the Ledger Noble of the Mollica, in person of GIOVAN FRANCESCO and messer FRANCESCO, and to the Ledger Noble of Messina of the years 1798-1807 in person of Don ALFARNE of Ignazio and Don IGNAZIO it was Silvio.
Still enjoyed shiny in Palermo, where a PEROTTO was castellano of Sciacca in 1463, married Leonora Invegges, noble from Palermo, and from these GIOVANNI LUCA that got married to Leonora Paruta some barons of the Room; from which PEROTTO II, that served for many years with the art in the military the emperor Carlo V in the battles of Italy; PEROTTO III, senator in the years 1544-1552-1556--58, governor of the mountain of Pity in 1552 and of the Table (or Public Bank) in 1556.
Don FRANCESCO, also senator in the years 1596-97, 1605-06 and 1608-09, with privilege datum on February 21 and executionary May 24 th 1594, got concession of the title of "Don." Don FRANCESCO II, assistant of the ledger rational and general visitor of Sardinia for the year 1624; Don FRANCESCO III, governor of Reggio for the years 1662-63 and pre-conservative of Capaci for the year 1681.
GIOVANNI ALBERTO (1613 -1678), of the order of the Carmelitanis Scalzi, capable literate of pious things, remembered by the Mongitore. FRANCESCA, had the barony of Salinella with investiture done in September 19th 1722, what sister of the was Paolo di Pasquale, dead without children. SALVATORE and STEFANO, father and son, capable surgeons of the second halves of the XVIII century, become doctors in France from the Senate of Palermo, professors of surgery and anatomy at the Ateneo in Palermo.
A branch of the family passed in Lipari, following the repopulation of the island consequent the deportation of the liparesis at the hands of Ariadeno Barbarossa. FILIPPO (1811 -1887), official knight of the order of the Crown of Italy, political and famous jurist, appointed to the I Produced Sicilian Parliament in 1848, more times mayor of Lipari, provincial adviser of Messina from 1865 to 1882, administrator and commissioner liquidator of the goods of the Crown in Sicily, was kept in friendship from Garibaldi, esteeming these patriot of the first time, handed down to the posteris as "the most knight of the gentlemen from Lipari", he married Donna Anna Rodriquez, barons of the Bridge; to which BARTOLOMEO de Pasquale Rodriquez, (1845-1918), that inheritance the maternal title for him and his first-born male, knight of the Military order of Savoia, lieutenant of the Grenadiers of Sardinia, employed to the Greatest State of S.A.R. the Duke of Aosta, taken part to the 3 war of independence bravely distinguishing himself June 24 th 1866 to Custoza. From these, his brothers FILIPPO II and GIUSEPPE, industrial of the sector pomicifero; a BARTOLOMEO II, class 1896, head signaller of the class of the Regal Marina; OSCAR STEFANO, class 1898, lieutenant junior grade of artillery; Oscar was born ELENA MARIA GRAZIA; FABIO arose from Achilles and Alexander III, born from DUILIO ACHILLE II, George, Duilio, RICCARDO OSCAR.
MARIO ALBERTO VITTORIO, class 1912, captain of the Regal Italian Army, lieutenant of colonial infantry, distinguished already bravely him during the battle of Cheren (A.O.I), deserving a bronze medal to the military value and a cross to the worth of war, legionary of imprisonment and invalid of war.
Weapon: gold, to four poles of red (Aragon) and an Easter lamb of silver with vane of the same loaded by a red cross on the everything.