For Companies
Determination of the exact economic consistence.
The commercial investigations proposed by D.P.I., allow to verify the existence, the economic consistence, the professional credibility, the business, the extraneousness to the criminal world, the morality of the company and of his responsible, through a series of accurate controls, deepened and cross.
Recovery insolvent
Search of insolvent debtors and/or absence, check goods property attachable, also to third, with reckons, documental proofs and photographic.
Unfaithfulness partners and/or dependent
In the vertexes of the companies can verify disagreeable situations where one or more partners don’t pursue anymore the corporate interest , but only theirs own personal profit.
The frauds of employees and partners can be of various type: from information subtraction on development of new products, of technological innovation or of commercial and financial news for undue use, up to the most deceitful intrusions to feed a competitive project or straight for "to clone" a parallel competing company.
An investigation of D.P.I. can cancel all the doubts or to allow an action towards who is damaging the company.
Telephone and environmental reclamations
Exist various types of bugs or bugs used according to the objective that establishes us and also from the possibility of installation, for which devices exist electronic able to also gain weak sounds and to transmit them on a certain frequency, for which the malicious one with an opportune receiver can comfortably listen to all the conversations effected in the environment.
Once understood from what type of threat must be defended us, can be passed to the counterattack, that is to use some suitable electronic instrumentations to rouse the bugs.
We perform this type of service, also through equip mobile postings, using the present most sophisticated and recent equipments of reclamation on the market.
Disloyal competition
In economic-productive circle the disloyal competition is the use of techniques and illegal means to get an advantage on the competitors or to bring them a damage.
It deals with investigations, analysis and searches on the behavior of determined subjects, with individualization of the elements of test actions to show the disloyal competition, thefts, escapes of news that can injure the business image.
Guardianship of the industrial secret
Study and realization of programs specific actions to prevent or to individualize possible attempts of industrial espionage.
Searches on probable authors of violations of industrial secrets and damages to the business image, to the fittings and the products.
Investigations before recruitment:
This service can make to save time and money but above all to prevent potential problems on the place of employment.
The verifications effected by D.P.I concern:
check of the scholastic curriculum.
check of the corporate body affiliation professional.
verification of the certificates of service precedents.
investigations on the references.
check of the real underlying reasons to the abandonment of precedents working activity.
verification of the real preceding remunerations, benefits, etc.
commercial information.
civil operate, failures, etc.
other specific information on application.
Installation of microtelecameras anti intrusion
Anti absenteeism
The last purpose of such investigations is that to be able to furnish a valid support to the enterprises to be able to legitimately dismiss that " workers " that, with their behavior, constitute an unfair burden for all that entrepreneurs that must succeed in operating in the business avoiding useless and unjustified expenses from unfaithful employees.
Every investigation is conducted with criterions of quality:
At the end of the investigation a report will be released with accounts detailed of the developed investigations.
The detective operators that have conducted the investigation will be available to confirm the report in hearing.
The material fruit of investigation is preserved in local armored actually to possible communications of the client.