Oscar Pirro de Pasquale
Been born in Messina 09/11/1957 Resident to Reggio Calabria, titular of the institute De Pasquale Investigations that it deals of penalties investigations at norm of the articles 327 encore-391 encore of the Code of Penal Procedure - Qualification - Judicial Investigator.
He has to his asset important judicial investigations performed on the National territory and also to the foreign countries.
Since 1994, directs the De Pasquale Investigations of Reggio Calabria, activity that develops with regulate license released by the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria, he is always authorized from the Prefecture to develop activity of defensive investigation to norm of the Code of Penal Procedure.
He boasts a meaningful presence within the penal trial in which work as advisor and has gotten in the years resulted of notable relief.
Young he let him know and esteem in the world of the sport as athlete before and later as technician well over the confinements of Italy, this has competed to his formation, making available of the institutions and the Police of State (group sporting gold flames) his own technical baggage and his own experience.
Owner of the De Pasquale Investigations from 1994 he’s called in different times to the National vertexes of the organizations of category with functions of representative of the Federpol with the Office of Justice as it regards the normative one that disciplines the judicial investigators in the new code of penal procedure.
Among 06-07 he’s advisor of the errand inter-chamber of study and updating for the new norms on the defensive investigation presided by the Prof. Ricci. He’s currently delegated for Calabria and Sicily of the labor union of category S.A.N.D.I.P. and besides National delegated of the Con.IPI association of category and responsible of the Calabrian regional committee.
He’s graduate in sciences of the jurisprudence in the Walker University (USA).He has operated as advisor in trials of notable relief what: Olimpia (; Valanidi (1.2.); Maxi process of Palermo (to Cosa Nostra); Mare Nostrum (Messina, Barcellona P.G.); Panta Rei (Messina); Porto (Palmi); Abduction Cartisano (Catanzaro); Tangentopoli (Reggio Calabria); Feud of Roghudi and others, around 250 penal procedures of notable importance.
He has been present as advisor to the activity of the parts in trials and referable procedures to crimes of association to crimes of Mafioso’s die 416 encore - traffic of drugs, traffic of weapons and toxic refusals, measures of prevention, homicides, attempts, person’s sequestrations. Procedures that have interested referable crimes to organization:’Ndrangheta, Cosa Nostra and Racket.
A role of really relief, Oscar de Pasquale has had in relationship of international investigations that has induced him to develop detective activity in Countries of great importance what: ex Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, United States Of America, south America, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia and Rep. Czech.
The last international case is taken place in November of 2007 in England and precisely in London where operating with Scotland Yard has actively collaborated to the liberation of an Italian girl abducted from a gang of Romanians.
He’s in about to collaborate with the university of Bari faculty of economy on a search that concerns " the economic expansion of the ’Ndrangheta in the areas of installation."
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